Inspired by Kim’s perfectionism, we wanted to show how SKIMS products are engineered to perfection. SKIMS Lab is an over-the-top, pop space odyssey about an engineering lab staffed entirely by Kim and her Klones. Working tirelessly, thousands of Kims go to extreme lengths testing the products in order to ensure every pair of SKIMS is out-of-this-world good.

The idea came from the truth that Kim can’t trust anyone but herself to meet her high standards. So it makes sense that she would clone herself, set up a secret lab, and launch it into space so she could focus on getting her products just right. Why? Because it’s iconic and she loves to do iconic sh*t.


Agency— Wieden + Kennedy
Creatives — Ragen Fykes & Mariah Mercier
CCOs  — Azsa West / Susan Hoffman
Producer — Katie Schaller
Brand Director — Jacqueline Steele
Stategy —Rachel Holden
EP —Fritha Reynolds Dickie
Motion — Jeff Ackley / Chris Huang / Neil Hilken / Chang Xu
Editor — Rory Mclean / Joint 

Design Director — David Chathus
Design Producer — Kelly Cousins
Designers — Oskar Radon, Macy Eiesland, Sophie Van Der Merwe, Elena Hernandez