The Palms Motel

The Palms Motel, a budget motel in the heart of vibrant North Portland, needed a fresh start. Nia Musiba, Phoebe Jacques, and I gave this run-down hotel a fresh rebrand to keep it up to date with the ever-growing neighborhood.

What was once a budget motel known only for it’s vintage neon sign and bad yelp reviews, the goal of the rebrand was to transform the motel from a cheap place to crash into a destination for residents and tourists alike. Inspired by the iconic neon sign, the brand embodies the feeling of a paradise vacation – without leaving the city. Making sure to maintain the Portland charm, the brand elevates the quirkiness of the motel. With vibrant local art, partnerships with surrounding bars and a collaboration with Stumptown coffee, visitors are reminded that the paradise is right here in Portland.

Branding Team

Nia Musiba
Phoebe Jacques
Macy Eiesland