Maggie Rogers Album Redesign 

Maggie Rogers is a singer-songwriter who grew up in rural Maryland. Rogers’ roots run deep with folk music. When she was on exchange in France, she had a “spiritual” experience with french dance music. Eventually, she would combine the two genres to create a style unique to her. Rogers’ music revolves around themes of the natural world, life, love, and self-discovery. The fictional rebrand for Maggie Roger’s debut album “Heard It In a Past Life” embodies the spirit of the new medium she’s created, honoring the fusion of folk and pop. The use of Rogers’ semi-cursive handwriting, as well as the stitched flourishes, horses, and bursts, call back to her folk roots in a remixed style. The grainy glow of the cover represents pop as well as references her creative process. Rogers has synesthesia, making the use of color a critical component in her brand. By combining grain to represent color and sound with sweeter, softer elements of folk, I came to the concept that I call 'Pop Cowgirl', a true description of Maggie Rogers.