Be Honest: Assembly Required

Be Honest is an annual student showcase and community building event at Portland State Graphic Design. I conceptualized the visual direction around the idea of a quilt because of the layers of meaning they hold such as lineage, stories, and use of leftover materials. Be Honest is a patchwork of ideas, styles, work-in-progress, and communities. To develop this identity, I created a kit of parts. Color, shape, and images of students' work all come together to create a flexible system.

Fully taking advatage of the digital nature of the event, we ran events and design games over Zoom. We made digital merchandise such as face filters, Zoom backgrounds, and Instagram stickers.

Acting as Art Director, Designer, and Project Manager, I was assisted by and managed a team of 6-8 to bring this event to the world. 

Art Director, Lead Designer, and Project Manager
Macy Eiesland

Sam Will

Production Assistance
Ashley Brackett
Sam Will
Emily Guthrie
Buck Chapman
Quinn Carroll
Naomi Likayi
Hanan Begic

Design Assistance
Ashley Brackett
Sam Person
Mia Pinzelik
Austin Matos
Mel Purdy

Kate Bingaman-Burt
Sean Schumacher