A visit to the grocery store is a necessary evil that strikes fear into the heart of any grown-up. Through the eyes of a child, however, this is a golden opportunity for cart driving, free samples, and begging for sugary cereal. Super Play aims to capture the magic of childhood trips to the grocery store by using the power of color and type. Super Play subverts expectations of both gallery space and retail space by making room for play and exploration of an intentionally designed fantasy space.

Super Play was created as my final thesis project at Portland State University Graphic Design. I have always been interested in the spaces we move about and the influence that graphics have on our experiences. 

312 objects
30 milk crates
26 cans of spray paint

Macy is a designer based in Portland, Oregon. Her work weaves color, texture, and typography to create playful and engaging narratives. She is interested in systems and the spaces we move about and loves to make shit happen. Macy dives into her work wholeheartedly, seeking to create concept-driven work that continues to grow beyond her touch.

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